What we enable

Few, if any, in the field of catalysis can compare with Catator in terms of in-house application experience, expertise and track record as a development partner to leading hydrogen technology pioneers. For more than 30 years, we have partnered with customers at the forefront of this vital industry, constantly refining our solutions to meet their fast-changing demands.


Reformers and burners for logistic fuels. Fuel-cell platforms for logistic fuels (diesel and JP8), operated for several thousand hours with near-zero emissions.

Hydrogen electrolysis

Flameless off-gas combustion systems for Power-to-X applications. Emission-free combustion with immediate thermal response enabling combustion of streams with varying fuel content, including ultra-lean fuel streams such as tail gas with no need for support fuel. Replace your steam boiler in a SOEC with our CataLite Exchanger. We can also support fuel processing reactions like SREF, WGS or PROX.


Compact, lightweight, multi-fuel capable fuel-to-hydrogen conversion systems enabling decentralized mobile hydrogen production and combustion for refueling stations, aviation and road transportation. We have delivered systems for dehydrogenation and hydrogenation, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and Sabatier Methanation. Our CataLite Exchanger can be specifically useful in ammonia cracking processes.

Fuel cells

Reformers and burners enabling compact, lightweight fuel cell systems at lower system cost with reduced complexity and fewer components. At low temperatures we can burn excess ultra-lean fuel streams to have 100% depletion or scrubbing for safety whilst remaining emission-free and flameless.

Home heating

Ultra-compact flameless hydrogen boiler systems enabling 80% space reduction and zero emissions. No need for support fuel as we can burn ultra-lean fuel streams flamelessly.

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