Catator, a leader in catalytic hardware development for the hydrogen sector, is pleased to announce a collaboration with TerraBarrier. Together, we aim to revolutionize the safety, durability, and efficiency of hydrogen equipment infrastructure.

Hydrogen equipment used in energy-related catalysis faces significant challenges. Burners, reactors, reformers, and other components are exposed to high temperatures, corrosive compounds, metal dusting, embrittlement, and permeation. These factors lead to corrosion, reduced strength, and reduced reliability. This increases the need for exotic and expensive alloys and reduces the life, safety, and reliability of the equipment.

About TerraBarrier

TerraBarrier AB has developed an innovative solution: the TerraBarrier Coating Technology (TCT). This cutting-edge coating technology has the potential to address critical problems related to corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement, and hydrogen permeation. By applying TCT to hydrogen compressors, heat exchangers, electrolysers, and mobile storage systems, safety and durability can be significantly improved. Additionally, the use of less exotic alloys combined with TCT may lead to cost savings.

Catator’s expertise

Catator, renowned for its patented CataLite® coating technology, specializes in structured catalyst layers directly applied to hardware parts. Their groundbreaking designs for burners, heat exchangers, and integrated reactors have reshaped the hydrogen industry. Catator offers a unique range of catalysts, reactor geometries, and process solutions for hydrogen production and utilization.

Project purpose

The primary goal of this development project is to evaluate TerraBarrier’s Coating Technology (TCT) in applications relevant to Catator. If successful, extended field trials will be conducted, aiming for Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 8-9. Ultimately, the integration of TCT into Catator’s products will enhance safety and reduce costs.

Catator is committed to advancing hydrogen technology, and this partnership represents an important step toward a sustainable and efficient hydrogen future.

Catator, in conjunction with other prominent Swedish companies, proudly announces its participation in a Swedish delegation focused on renewable hydrogen collaboration with the United States.

This initiative, organized by the Swedish Energy Agency in partnership with Business Sweden and the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, aims to foster knowledge exchange and discussions, enabling innovation and collaboration within the renewable hydrogen sector.

Hydrogen, increasingly crucial as an energy carrier for a sustainable future, faces challenges in commercial competitiveness due to its early-stage global market. Recognizing this, the Swedish Energy Agency’s initiative seeks to achieve two key objectives:

  • Early Positioning: The initiative aims to create opportunities for the early positioning of Swedish technical solutions for hydrogen systems. By doing so, it enables Sweden to be at the forefront of hydrogen technology development.
  • Expertise Availability: The initiative also focuses on securing the availability of expertise in the field of renewable hydrogen. As this sector evolves, having skilled professionals and technical know-how is essential.

The Swedish delegation, which includes Catator, will embark on a journey to Texas and California from March 18 to 22. During this visit, they will engage with representatives from hydrogen hubs, leading US companies, and policy makers. These states, known for their recent federal investments in renewable hydrogen and the establishment of hydrogen hubs, are pioneers in US hydrogen innovation and research. Their collaborative efforts offer promising ground for partnerships and advancements in sustainable energy solutions.

Catator's participation in this delegation underscores its commitment to contribute to the advancement of green hydrogen technologies and strengthen transatlantic ties in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

For more information, please visit the Swedish Energy Agency:


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