Green hydrogen. Transformed.

In a world powered by clean energy, green hydrogen will be produced on an unprecedented scale. Whether it is reformed into energy carriers, used to store and distribute energy, fuel new industries or for conversion to electricity, catalytic technologies play a vital role in mobilizing this transformation.

Compact catalysis. Limitless possibilities.

Compact, flexible and scalable, Catator’s integrated catalytic reactors make it possible to transform nearly any fuel into hydrogen – and hydrogen into heat, power and fuel. With minimal thermal losses, zero emissions and 80% less space than today’s conventional catalytic systems.

80% more compact

reactor size


lean gas combustion

Enhanced efficiency

Reduced thermal losses


Unmatched design freedom

Unmatched performance

Superior durability and heat conductivity


Catalytic coating technologies

Unmatched thermo-mechanical performance, formability, longevity and scalability

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CataLite Reformers

CataLite Reactor_white

Reactor cells reimagined

Transforming renewable fuels into hydrogen and back again


CataLite Exchangers

CataLite Exchanger_white

Maximum performance. Minimal energy losses.

Coupling endo- and exothermic processes into one integrated solution


CataLite Burners

CataLite Oxidizer_white

Compact combustion. Zero emissions.

Emission-free lean gas combustion with no support fuel

Mobilizing the power of catalysis

Together with industry pioneers across the globe, we’re mobilizing the power of catalysis to create groundbreaking solutions that are reshaping tomorrow’s green hydrogen infrastructure. If it’s powered by catalysis, we can create it together.

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Partner with us

Technology platform development services

For more than 30 years, Catator’s state-of-the-art catalytic technologies have enabled new breakthroughs in hydrogen catalysis for industry leaders in the transportation, electrolysis, fuel cell and energy sectors.

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