Structured catalysis

Catator’s patented CataLite Coating technologies offer unparalleled thermo-mechanical performance, formability and longevity with unlimited scalability. By applying a porous, active catalyst layer onto a flexible mesh-based substrate or heat-exchange plate, the technology can vastly accelerate heat and mass transfer to enable significantly smaller catalyst volumes and reactor sizes compared to conventional solutions.

The advantages

Reduced reactor size
Catator’s catalysts enable up to 80% size reduction compared to conventional industrial catalysts due to significantly higher mass and transfer capacity

Emission-free lean gas combustion
Safe, emission-free, low-temperature catalytic combustion, even for highly diluted fuel streams without any need for support fuel

Enhanced efficiency
Reduced thermal losses due to compact reactor geometry and integrated process solutions

Long-lasting performance
Unmatched thermo-mechanical durability and heat conductivity, extending system lifespan and ensuring uniform conversion over the entire cross-section of the catalyst

Limitless scalability and design freedom
Systems can be dimensioned for any application, geometric structure and capacity requirement

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