Principal Engineer Reactor Systems

We are seeking an experienced engineer with a deep understanding of heat transfer and thermal calculations as well as process design, preferrably in catalytic chemistry.

We are looking for a talented principal engineer who is passionate about developing not only yourself but also our novel and highly innovative catalysed reactors and systems for the green hydrogen economy of the future. You will be part of a team of experienced engineers and will often find yourself working close to our customers in various Contract Development projects. Although your main tasks will be centred around the design and dimensioning of processes and catalytic reactors, as a project member you will participate or closely follow all steps from kick-off meeting to the delivery and commissioning of prototypes and full-sized reactors.


  • A master’s degree in engineering, for instance Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Preferably at least 5 years of experience in a comparable role.
  • Proficiency in heat transfer, thermal calculations, and process design preferably related to catalysis, catalytic process design, and hydrogen energy applications.
  • Proven expertise in various modelling tools such as MatLab, Comsol Multiphysics, Ansys and AspenTech.
  • Strong communication skills, conveying ideas clearly and persuasively to both internal and external stakeholders.

Who are you?

As a person you demonstrate the following personal traits:

  • Curiosity and innovation. Being able to understand customer needs and how various technical concepts best fulfil them. A strong desire to learn and develop to strengthen own skills and Catator’s capabilities.
  • Collaborative and communicative. Being able to manage different stakeholders in the project, communicate deviations and ideas.
  • Proactive and Flexible. Being able to act proactively and independently without waiting for instructions or guidance. See bottlenecks and offer help if and wherever it is needed.
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail. Being able to ensure accuracy and quality in all aspects of the work.

The company

Catator delivers cutting-edge catalyst solutions to the hydrogen industry. The world is rapidly transitioning to renewable energy sources like wind and solar. However, to store energy when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, large amounts of hydrogen are needed: according to the International Energy Agency about 650 megatons of hydrogen per year by 2050. That’s a lot of hydrogen!

To accelerate this green transition, Catator offers its patented and world-leading catalyst solutions to the hydrogen industry. Catator’s solutions are used by manufacturers of electrolysers, reformers, fuel cell systems and hydrogen producers. We work exclusively with OEM customers, several of which are leading multinational companies.

Catator was founded in 1990 by a group of researchers at Lund University. Over the years we have developed deep IP and know-how in catalysis and catalytic process design. Our headquarters are located in Lund. Our premises are well adapted to our business and include in-house production of catalysts and advanced research and test facilities.

How to apply?

This recruitment process is managed by PS Partner. For questions regarding the process, please contact Louise Harrysson at +4672 311 98 39 or

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