Maximum performance. Minimal energy losses.

The CataLite Exchanger merges combustion, heat transfer and reforming into a single integrated system. By efficiently coupling endothermic and exothermic reactions, residual energy from ultra-lean fuels – such as off-gas from fuel cells or electrolyzers – is utilized to drive reforming reactions or to generate emission-free steam and heat. All these processes occur within one integrated, catalyzed heat exchange system.

The system ensures emission-free combustion with an immediate thermal response for streams with varying fuel content, including ultra-lean off-gas streams without any need for support fuel.

The CataLite Exchanger can replace a steam boiler in a SOEC, eliminating emissions as well as providing cost reductions.

If you have your own solution already we can integrate our CataLite coating in several ways to suit your needs.

CataLite Exchanger systems include:

  • Plate-type heat exchangers
  • Tubular heat exchangers
  • Thermally integrated heat exchangers

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